Scholars Preschool Drury

Scholars preschool drury is a small centre licenced for 30 children, we have three areas inside the centre to cater for the diverse needs of our children, the babies area from 3 months to 2 years, caterpillars 2 years to 3 ½ - 4 years, then our butterflies who are aged 3 ½ - 4 years to 5 years. These areas allow the children to learn and develop in an area that is designed for their specific age and development level, but also allows time throughout the day for opportunities to play with the children from the other areas. This is wonderful for encouraging learning from peers, problem solving and nurturing, role-modelling, and time for siblings to spend time together. Our layout and programme takes the benefits of both mixed age and separate aged programmes and by combining them we aim to provide the best of both worlds.

Within these areas there are two key teachers, this ensures consistency for the children and enables them and their families to form strong bonds with the staff, which is especially important with infants. It also ensures that children have an environment where there are people who are familiar with their individual needs and interests, who will plan the environment and curriculum around these.

We have strong ties to the community with a working relationship with our local Marae and Drury School. We also provide before and afterschool care for, which also links into our philosophy of importance we place on relationships with families.

We have an extremely stable team led by our Manager Linda, with six qualified permanent teaching staff and two part-timers, as well as a support team made up of our cook, who provides our delicious healthy meals and our cleaner. Stephen one of our centre owners also spends time here every week, providing support for our manager and ensuring we have everything we need.

Our centre is situated five minutes’ drive from the motorway so is extremely convenient for commuting parents, and our hours of 7am till 6pm also cater for working parents. We offer flexible variety of fees and options for hours and a 20 ece hour programme.