Our curriculum is in line with Te Whaariki (The New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum), we focus on child centred learning, and plan from our observations of children’s interest. We take these observations and create a programme that focuses on the children’s interests and extends them to provide new learning experiences that are interesting, relevant and challenging.

We believe in providing a rich and diverse learning environment that provides children with opportunities to engage and learn with staff and their peers, in a fun and supportive way. We provide an environment that has opportunities for children to develop self-help skills and to have the ability to select from a wide range of activities and resources. We are committed to providing a curriculum that encourages children to develop confidence, independence and a quest for knowledge.

Our preschool rooms are set up with computers and programmes to ensure they are ready for the more formal academic side of schooling. These are setup to be fun and non-compulsory activities that allows the children to develop at their own individual pace.

We offer a huge range of activities throughout the day, core resources that the children can return to daily as well as special activities that the staff create to meet an interest or provide extension to something that the children have been working on.

Our small group numbers and fantastic ratio’s allow for lots of one on one time between the children and staff, as well as allowing the staff time to plan and setup exciting new activities for the children.

We welcome parent and whanau input and participation in our programme, and our small numbers allows us to have time to interact with parents to strengthen relationships, and utilise their knowledge to build up our curriculum.

Our curriculum aims to help children to develop in all areas, socially, emotionally, physically and academically in a fun and holistic way.